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A little about me...

After running a marathon, skydiving, and taking backpacking trips through the BWCA, I have come to realize that I am someone who gravitates towards physical challenges. Once I found out I was pregnant, I approached childbirth similarly; challenge accepted. But even the fear of skydiving was no match for the external and internal fear that I found surrounding child birth (especially in the midst of Covid-19).  It took planning, education, and surrounding myself with supportive people to face those fears, and truly create the sanctuary that became my birth space. 


As a doula, I have now had the opportunity of helping so many other families achieve that sanctuary for their own birth experience. Bringing a baby earth-side is no small task, and it looks so different for everyone. This is why helping my clients process fears in a safe and non-judgmental space is so important to me. The birth space is sacred, and the people there matter! I am honored every time I get to step into that space with someone.

In addition to my Childbirth International doula certification, I have also completed volunteer doula services with Roots Community Birth Center, graduated from my internship with the Minnesota Birth Center in 2023, and I am currently an active member of the Twin Cities Childbirth Collective and of Evidence Based Birth. My knowledge is ever-growing, and I continue to take relevant classes for doula work, including on the topics of VBAC support, supporting inductions, and bereavement doula services to name a few. I have, and will continue to support all types of birth! Hospitals, birth centers, home births, transfers, inductions, epidurals, first time, 9th time, etc...  

When I am not doing doula work, you can find me checking out new coffee places, walking my giant newfie, or snuggling with my own two little ones.


Read here to find out more about what I offer, and feel free to reach out with any questions. I would love to hear from you.

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